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Congratulations! You’ve just discovered a treasure trove for pools and spas! BG’s Pool Shop is delighted to bring you a most comprehensive range of products and equipment for every pool or spa-related need, in our fully-stocked pool shop and showroom.

We are dealers/suppliers for these top brand name products:

We have the products and supplies you need, backed up with the services of our expert technicians who’ll help you through the maze of information.



Water Testing

Regular water testing ensures your pool stays healthy and easy to look after. We provide FREE water testing and advice by our trained staff, who actually understand water chemistry. Using the latest, state-of-the-art, electronic equipment we can make sure your pool water is healthy and balanced. When balanced, it should have no chlorine smell, nor other chemical smells.

Pool and Spa Equipment

One of the keys to an easy-to-look-after pool or spa is the equipment. If it’s undersized or not fit for its purpose, then it will always be a battle to look after. We can help you be sure you’re getting the right gear. We supply and fit:

  • Chlorinators: Salt, mineral or magnesium; Ozone or UV (we can explain the difference)
  • Pool heating pumps - Solar, gas or electric
  • Pool automation
  • Dolphin Robots

Pool Cleaners

Maytronics’ Dolphin Pool cleaning robots have been the industry leaders in robotic pool cleaners for many years. BG’s pool cleaners in Bendigo. We carry the range of new models, along with parts to repair older ones. That means issues can be resolved locally, without needing to freight the cleaner off to Melbourne or Sydney. We get the robot back in your pool faster, so it can keep making your life easier.


We stock and install pool heating, so now you can enjoy perfect water temperature all year round if you want it. We can guide you through the various options in solar, gas and electrical heating models. Our quality pool heating stocks come from Rheem, Astral Pool, Sunlover and Sunbather.

Pool Blankets

Pool blankets or covers help reduce evaporation, keep out leaves, retain warmth and save on heating costs. A popular accessory for the pool or spa, we stock and recommend Australian-made Daisy Blankets for their product quality, and service back-up if anything goes wrong. Dare we say, we’ve got you covered!

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