Green Pool Clean-ups

Has your pool turned green and you need a hand to clean it up?

Don’t be embarrassed, it can happen to the best of us! If a pool gets left too long without treatment and attention and it takes on that murky green colour with algae floating around in the water. Or sometimes, yellow-green to brown coloured algae resembling sand or dirt sticks to the floor and walls of the pool. Spots of black algae can also stick to the sides and bottom of the pool. None of them are good, and you should NOT be swimming in that water until it has been cleaned and balanced.

It may look all too hard to tackle, but it’s ok! We do that! We can even bring our own equipment along to do the cleaning, if yours isn’t up to the challenge. We’ll bring your green pool back to a fresh, clean sparkle.

Our green pool service starts with PH testing. Then we provide and apply the correct quantities and combinations of chemical treatment. When the chemistry is right, we do a thorough brush-down of the pool’s sides and floor, and then vacuum.  Of course, we also thoroughly clean your pool filter, so your pool can be back working in balance again.   

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